Calatoriile mele prin imagini

Calatoriile mele prin imagini

vineri, 7 octombrie 2011

Muntenegru 3 (muntele - Durmitor, Terzin Bogaz)

          Terzin Bogaz (2303 m) is one of most beautiful and most specific peak of DURMITOR. It's beautiful peak and more than 300 m high North Face dominate in central part of Durmitor massif, specially above incredible beauty of impressive glacial Lokvice Valley (1693 m). Terzin Bogaz summit offer a many nice panoramas, from which is maybe most impressive panorama of highest peaks of Durmitor - Bobotov Kuk (2523 m) and Bezimeni Vrh (2487 m) (No Name Peak).


          Terzin Bogaz (2303 m) is situated between Medjed (2287 m), on the N, and highest peak of Sljeme (2455 m), on the S. Together with Medjed peak, Terzin Bogaz is a part of the high and long "boomerang form" crest, which is vertically placed to 2 kilometres long crest of Sljeme (2455 m). From the Medjed peak it is separated by Velika Previja pass (2145 m). From Sljeme separates it Mala Previja pass (2200 m). Terzin Bogaz separates Lokvice valley in two parts. Highest part is on the south and is called Ledeni Do (Ice Basin).
          Larger northern basin is Lokvice. Above both basins Terzin Bogaz proudly staying with it's powerful, over 300 m high North Face, which is specially impressive and beautiful above Lokvice valley. On the E Terzin Bogaz falls into Velika Kalica valley. (

Traseu: Zabljak - Crno Jezero - Lokvice - Terzin Bogaz si retur.

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